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Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces are an essential part of a residential landscape. They are patios to sit on, paths to walk on, walls to encircle gardens, and grade-changes that make your space more usable and provide relief to the eye.  Large blocks of Brohm, small slivers of sandstone, bricks of many colours…all these elements and more can be used to bring some strength and permanence to your backyard, front yard, or both, if that’s the plan! Ask us what we can create for your space.


Winter’s light on brickwork framing window


Nice use of yellow chairs where hard meets soft


It’s a softer and more forgiving material than stone, but wood provides the same kinds of benefits that hard surfaces do.  And there is something about the combination of wood and stone or brick in landscape features that works so well.

The perfect carport

The perfect carport

Soft Surfaces

Watershed works with all kinds of soft surfaces – gardens, paths, parks and more…


The right plant, in the right place


Magnificent Cimicifuga

The Burrard, a downtown Vancouver icon, has a wonderful surprise: a courtyard garden , designed by the owner when the hotel was built in the mid-1950′s. We renovated the garden in 2011 – while still keeping the character of the original – and have been privileged to maintain it since.

Pruning in The Burrard Garden

Pruning in The Burrard Garden

A view of The Burrard's courtyard garden

A view of The Burrard’s courtyard garden


For us, a well-designed lighting system is a cornerstone of a satisfying landscape, whether we’re greating a special space for a home, business or public space. If you thought your garden looked good in the day, just wait until you see it at night! Discover what Watershed can create for your home and garden landscapes.

Palm in The Burrard courtyard at evening

Palm in The Burrard courtyard at evening


Palm in The Burrard courtyard at night

Palm in The Burrard courtyard at night


A wider view of the palms in The Burrard courtyard

A wider view of the palms in The Burrard courtyard

(Lighting photos by Christine Hatfull of Dime Chronicle)

Water Features

Perhaps you need something in your garden that blocks out annoying urban noises. Perhaps you need a focal point in a back corner of your property. Perhaps you need a feature that just bubbles and looks beautiful. If any of these suggestions make you say “yes”, a water feature is for you!  Water falling over rocks just works in our natural world, and it can provide the same pleasures in your garden too. We’ve got experience with all kinds of water features – share your ideas with us, and we’ll work with you to create them for your home or business.


It’s not easy to get an interesting photo of an irrigation system at work. Suffice to say, if you are tired of spending summer evenings dragging hoses around your lawn, garden or beloved collection of pots and planters, an irrigation system is just what you need. We install systems that are water-wise and are tailored to the different degrees of sun exposure that exist in your landscape. We also use materials that meet your municipality’s requirements for water system safety. Find out more.